Pontoon Power Converter

Product and technology
The Pontoon Power Converter (PPC) is a floating wave energy converter based on working pontoons, hydraulic pumping cylinders, hydroelectric turbine and generator mounted on a patent pending ballasting and load-bearing structure, with slack moorings suitable for a wide range of water depths and many offshore locations.

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Features of the PPC
Relatively large-scale power production (15-20 MW) produced on one turbine/generator. A solution to avoid the extreme wave conditions is incorporated and will protect the system against extreme environmental forces. Profitable production compared with other offshore renewable energy production according to own estimates. The Pontoon Power Converter provides easy access via helicopter for service personnel and serviceable from seagoing vessels.

Problems that our technology solves

  • Hurricane Protection Design. Wave power converters have shown to be vulnerable to damage during extreme sea states and weather conditions. The PPC features a Hurricane Protection Design where the vulnerable parts are submerged before an approaching storm, which is considered to be an innovative solution to that problem.

  • Better utilization of the electric grid in co-production with wind turbines. The PPC may increase the power production from a given ocean area if in co-production with wind power turbines, and it will also contribute to maintain the electric power production for an extended part of the time and therefore better utilize the electric grid.

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Hurricane Protection Design

What the Pontoon technology can do for energy companies
Possibility of increased sales of renewable energy in areas of the world with favourable wave energy resources and where there is a market for additional electric energy.

The produced electric energy will primarily be sold to general use through the onshore electric grid, but the Pontoon Power Converter may also be used to supply offshore petroleum production platforms with electric energy.

The track record of wave power prototypes is not convincing, with several breakdowns. We are working hard to build confidence through careful design with strong emphasis on design against fatigue. Through our solution to avoid extreme environmental loads we want to prove that this can become a reliable power production system. Norwegian offshore competence and proven design guidelines for the North Sea will be fully utilized to ensure survival through extreme weather conditions.

Picture 10
The PPC in co-production with wind turbines can for example
supply an offshore platform with electric energy